The Sims 4 – Seasons Expansion Pack Cd Key + Crack Download For PC

The Sims 4 – Seasons Expansion Pack Cd Key + Crack Download For PC with the same name see The Sims 2: Seasons. For expanding Sims 3 with the same name, see The Sims 3: Seasons. “The Sims 4 Season” is full of these thoughtful game details. I spent a lot of time searching and tasting. I am enthusiastic about Winterfest and have made vacation for myself, started beekeeping and have the potential to get lightning energy.

The Sims 4 – Seasons Expansion Pack Cd Key + Crack Download For PC

The Sims 4 - Seasons Expansion Pack Cd Key + Crack Download For PC

The Sims 4 – Seasons Expansion Pack Cd Key is an extension of The Sims 4 released on June 22, 2018. It introduces seasons and holidays. The game uses elements from The Sims 2: Season and The Sims 3: Season. The Sims 4 Crack season also features a calendar with customizable holidays, a beekeeping hobby and new horticulture careers. These are elements of the weather and the seasons in real life, while other amazingly private details make the gaming experience more realistic. This is important for life simulation.


  • New career: gardening
  • Late game options and interactive methods: season, weather, holiday, calendar
  • New interactive objects: thermostat, children’s pool
  • New death: thermostat

New features of The Sims Crack

  • Coat clothes
  • Mud/snowball/water polo
  • Give a present
  • lightning
  • Father Winter and Flower Bunny NPC
  • New location WooHoo: Leaf Pile
  • Holiday crafts
  • Sing the festival song
  • Production of Snow Angel
  • Swimming in the rain
  • It is played in the rain
  • Big food

Main features

  • Enjoy four incredible seasons and dynamically changing weather that affects all aspects of your Sims.
  • From hot sunny days to strong winds and reliable snow, the climate of each world is unique and affects your choice of simulated citizens, relationships and everyday activities. Controls that trigger thunderstorms, clear cloudy skies, or jumps between seasons.
  • Round events give the Sims a fun and fun way to enjoy the season.
  • Tied together, create a snowman with friends, create snow angels or perform great tricks on the ice rink.
  • Dress up in a raincoat, spray into a spring shower and explore outdoor activities and earn badges like a Boy Scout.
  • Dress up the Sims in a new swimsuit, cool off in the sprinklers or play in the children’s pool.
  • Harvest honey, play with leaves or let children simulate festive home crafts.
  •  Decorate your house and get Sims together to celebrate their honest holiday tradition.
  • Celebrate the New Year, enjoy a romantic date on a love day or family feast. Watch the Sims countdown to the Winter Festival, where gifts and decorations hang, and Father Winter’s visit.
  • You can even create your holidays and choose how Sims celebrate.
  • Create beautiful bouquets and discover discoveries in your gardening career.
  • Sims worked as a floral designer with a brand new green thumb to arrange flower arrangements in the city.
  • With more scientific simulations, citizens can become botanists, where they can analyze plants, write scientific papers, and become famous for grants.
  • Improve your promising talent in Sim and release new skills, new clothes, and useful items.

The Sims 4 – Seasons Expansion Pack Cd Key


How to activate?

  • Sign up / login to your original account here:
  • After logging in to your Origin account, download the Origin client to your computer.
  • Complete the Origin client installed on your computer.
  • Open the original client you installed and log in with a new or existing username and password also with Cracked Version.
  • Copy the key from the confirmation link to the clipboard or write it on paper.
  • After copying and pasting the product key code into its original state, press Enter or click Next. Click “Next” again to confirm the game.
  • It has now been added to your Origin library.
  • If you have any problems using Origin or your account, please contact EA Support at


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The Sims 4 - Seasons Expansion Pack Cd Key + Crack Download For PC
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